Friday, February 26, 2010


Your walls of fear will hem you in
Your thoughts are streams in which to swim

There are three aspects to an action: Intention, Effort and Consequence.

A human has control over the first two.

In this world, a man makes a sincere intention and puts in an effort to the best of his ability.

If the consequences are good, he is thankful.
If they are bad, he is patient.
Either way, he wins.

A good intention with inadequate effort is wasted opportunity.
A bad intention with any amount of effort is wasted energy.

In the Hereafter, actions are assessed for their intentions and the amount of effort.

All good intentions are rewarded.
The more the effort, the greater the reward.

All bad intentions are examined.
A man who decided against making an effort for it is rewarded.
A man who made an effort for it is punished.
The more the effort, the greater the retribution.

And it is for Allah to forgive and overlook for whom He wants.

So ask yourself:
What do I want to gain from this action?
What is the best I can do to achieve my aim?

And without being hemmed in by fear, learn to swim and leap into the raging waters.


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