Monday, October 12, 2009

'O Thou Lord....'

O Thou Lord of the Sun!
Thou bringest the day out from the night
In the midst of darkness I beseech Thee
Let radiance pierce through again...

O Thou Lord of the Rain!
Thou givest life to the dead earth
Shower Thy Mercy upon my heart
Let it blossom once again...

O Thou Master of hue!
Thine alone is the pallette of Glory
Blend me in the colors of truth
Let the shades of doubt be covered again...

O Thou Lord of the Seas!
Thy Grace reacheth wondrous depths
Even as I sink into oblivion
Let me surface once again...

O Thou Lord of the firmament!
Thy Wisdom is the support unseen
Raise my rank far aloft
Let me scale the heavens once again...

O Thou Lord of the Pen!
Thy Will is the Final Word
Let my name be on the Right inscribed
Let folly erase it never again...



  1. wonderful

    Allah has given u that poetic spark which is found in very few ppl, even fewer guys, even fewer desis and even fewer maulvis:)

    there is a term in urdu called "chupa rustam"- applies perfectly on u i guess

    keep writing