Friday, August 28, 2009


I said, “For a moment only, grant me loneliness with Thee.”

It was said to me, Has thou reveled in the gatherings in My path?

I beseeched, “For an instant at least, reveal to me Thy Face.”

It was said to me, Has thou looked into the depths of thy heart?

I cried, “For ever more, take my soul away from this world!”

I was asked, Has thou no more longing for the taste of worship?

I lamented, “For too long now, much of my Self has remained asleep.”

I was asked, How often did thou awaken for Me at night?

I asked, “For how long will the secrets remain hidden from me?”

I was answered, For as long as thou art enslaved by thyself.



  1. Amazing...mashaAllah.

    Being a poet myself I know how hard it is to put a thought clearly on a piece of paper and then it should also sound good so that other people would also want to listen and this way you can spread your message. i am very happy. keep it up!

    mohammed roase

  2. Masha'Allah Masha'Allah...It's beautiful.