Friday, February 26, 2010


Your walls of fear will hem you in
Your thoughts are streams in which to swim

There are three aspects to an action: Intention, Effort and Consequence.

A human has control over the first two.

In this world, a man makes a sincere intention and puts in an effort to the best of his ability.

If the consequences are good, he is thankful.
If they are bad, he is patient.
Either way, he wins.

A good intention with inadequate effort is wasted opportunity.
A bad intention with any amount of effort is wasted energy.

In the Hereafter, actions are assessed for their intentions and the amount of effort.

All good intentions are rewarded.
The more the effort, the greater the reward.

All bad intentions are examined.
A man who decided against making an effort for it is rewarded.
A man who made an effort for it is punished.
The more the effort, the greater the retribution.

And it is for Allah to forgive and overlook for whom He wants.

So ask yourself:
What do I want to gain from this action?
What is the best I can do to achieve my aim?

And without being hemmed in by fear, learn to swim and leap into the raging waters.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


As I depart in this curious state
In search of light of perfect faith
Uneasy is this last embrace
In grief I kiss thy tearful face

What praise is such a one to speak
Who knows to sing but not to seek
Would that thou could clearly see
The station of such a one as thee

The moments spent away from me
A watcher stood and prayed for thee
And even as thy hands did rise
Flew open doors of paradise

As thy forehead touched the ground
Musk flowed to form a fragrant mound
For thou to saunter with merry wade
While far from thee the Scrolls were laid

And last I heard thy tears did form
A pool replenished by waterfalls
Thy pleas in the dead of night became
The strolling maiden's serenade

In heaven there were barren plains
The gardens grew from thy morning praise
Thy recitation reached further still
It echoed off the Eden Hills

Thy words of sweet admonishment
Are palace ceiling ornaments
The call thou did with longing hear
Adorns its princely chandeliers

And as thy toil doth come to cease
Thou doth retire amidst a breeze
Of amber drops and scented dew
And saffron leaves of tranquil hue

So if at last thou did acquire
The vision of the Sinai fire
Thou shalt then hear the orchestra
For Ali's verse to Fatima

There is no bond between two hearts
The law of life shan't break apart
Reunion is in the purest place
For those who make this last embrace


Monday, October 12, 2009

'O Thou Lord....'

O Thou Lord of the Sun!
Thou bringest the day out from the night
In the midst of darkness I beseech Thee
Let radiance pierce through again...

O Thou Lord of the Rain!
Thou givest life to the dead earth
Shower Thy Mercy upon my heart
Let it blossom once again...

O Thou Master of hue!
Thine alone is the pallette of Glory
Blend me in the colors of truth
Let the shades of doubt be covered again...

O Thou Lord of the Seas!
Thy Grace reacheth wondrous depths
Even as I sink into oblivion
Let me surface once again...

O Thou Lord of the firmament!
Thy Wisdom is the support unseen
Raise my rank far aloft
Let me scale the heavens once again...

O Thou Lord of the Pen!
Thy Will is the Final Word
Let my name be on the Right inscribed
Let folly erase it never again...


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As the glare of the sun drove into his mind
As thirst and death remained all he could find
He dropped to his knees and the sand blew high
Oh help this wandering soul! said I

As he searched for strength for a final prayer
As he fought to see hope in deserted despair
He fell with a painful breath of air
Will no one help this sorrowful soul? said I

As vultures eyed a meal close at hand
A rider raced to this desolate land
Over the wanderer he came to stand
This soul will not be left to die

With water and a bed in blessed arms
Heat gave way to merciful warmth
Who are you? said the wanderer in weary alarm
Behold this rider and his wonderful smile!

Who I am, can you not tell?
Even having taken my name for yourself?
I am the answer to your cry for help
It is the Chosen One of the Lord Most High!

Arise! For you are not the first
Others too suffer from the very same thirst
We shall find them before they head for the worst
In the throes of death do many lie!

And there are those who rest by the oasis
Who’ve come to see it as lasting bliss
Soon it shall all be an empty abyss
Every drop is doomed to dry!

As the setting sun drinks up light from the sky
The witness gazes with eagle eyes
Rescued by hope she lifts and flies
For this parched earth shall spring new life!


Friday, August 28, 2009


I said, “For a moment only, grant me loneliness with Thee.”

It was said to me, Has thou reveled in the gatherings in My path?

I beseeched, “For an instant at least, reveal to me Thy Face.”

It was said to me, Has thou looked into the depths of thy heart?

I cried, “For ever more, take my soul away from this world!”

I was asked, Has thou no more longing for the taste of worship?

I lamented, “For too long now, much of my Self has remained asleep.”

I was asked, How often did thou awaken for Me at night?

I asked, “For how long will the secrets remain hidden from me?”

I was answered, For as long as thou art enslaved by thyself.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Heaven bound
For a while now I am no longer of this earth
Closed eyes have left but one vision
The sight of the heart...

On solid ground
I gather back sense of the earth
Cleansed again I resume my mission
Doubt torn apart...

Pain abounds
Stricken are the denizens of the earth
To the farthest corners you must take the cure
With yourself to start...



Dawn breaks and darkness fades
A bond is broken as another is made
Whims insist yet wisdom proclaims
That it isn't true

I had a vision of astounding clarity
In the midst of the Holy Sanctuary
Angels present to witness destiny
And wonder of wonders! It wasn’t you…

I wish you well as you depart
From every corner of my healing heart
That you may live to find the life
Meant for you…

Light of my heart! Make me Your own
As I fall and clench your Glorious Throne
I submit that the End of all affairs
Is to You…